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Pushkar Lake or Pushkar Sarovar is located in the town of Pushkar in Ajmer district of the Rajasthan state of western India. Pushkar Lake is a sacred lake of the Hindus. Jagat Pitta Shri Brahma temple : The Jagat Pitta Shri Brahma temple is built to commemorate Lord Brahma, who is believed to be the creator of this universe according to the sacred Hindu literature.


Paap Mochani Gayatri : The sunrise views over town from Pap Mochani (Gayatri) Temple, reached by a track behind the Marwar bus stand, are well worth the 30-minute climb Village and Forest: Pushkar Camel and Jeep Safari Provide the best Overnight safari with tented accommodation in the desert. Half-day camel safari and Jeep Safari, full-day camel and Jeep safari.


Varaha Temple : A land famous for relics of the glorious Royal dynasties of old days in the form of palaces, forts and temples. This temple is to God Vishnu.It is said that Lord Vishnu gave a visit to this area to kill an atrocious demon Hirnayaksha. Gurudwara Singh Sabha : Gurdwara Singh Sabha – Pushkar or Pushkar Raj, a temple town around a natural lake, is 13 kilometres from Ajmer, to which it is connected by road. Pushkar was visited by Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Gobind Singh.


Savitri temple : Savitri Temple located on the Ratnagiri hills, Pushkar. This popular pilgrimage destination is dedicated lo Lord Brahma’s wife Goddess Savitri. Pushkar Desert: Semi Desert Area is started from Pushkar. Desert Situated at a distance of 100 Meters from Pushkar Fair Ground. It’s a nice place surrounded by the sacred Pushkar Lake.


Main Attraction at Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Temples

Pushkar could be a community with wide holy beliefs hooked up to its existence. This spiritual town comes out together of the 5 sacred Dhams within the Ajmer District of Rajasthan. called the fruitful of temples, Pushkar gets set at 510 meters higher than water level and lies fourteen metric linear unit to the North West of Ajmer. Pushkar is thought to own quite five hundred temples, however the foremost necessary of them seems out because the Brahma temple. though Pushkar could be a home to Lord Brahma, there are different notable temples within the city.

Looking in Pushkar

Pushkar stands as the topographic point for Hindus, having the overplus of temples. Pushkar in Rajasthan comes as the land of assorted colours, different moods and enigma that are visited by the individuals from everywhere the world. Pushkar as a supply of souvenirs and traveller in Rajasthan occupies a crucial place in Rajasthan.

Pushkar Lakes and Ghats

Pushkar Lake in Rajasthan is that the sacred lake of Hindus. set close to the city of Pushkar in Ajmer District, This holy lake stands together of the 5 most sacred journeying destinations for the Hindus in India.

Cattle mercantilism

it’s the chief attraction and also the synonymous of Pushkar truthful wherever oxen breeders from several regions of Asian country come back to sell their cattle. throughout the fair cattle are sold or bought. a number of the cattle that are sold or bought are camels, horses, cows, goats, dogs, buffaloes, sheep and several other species of birds. There is also long-drawn negotiations, or sometimes, a fast dealing whereas shopping for and selling. during this fair one will realize varied common cattle breeds admire Haryanvi, Kankrej, Nagauri Mewati, etcetera

Cultural Activities

Pushkar in Rajasthan is that the venue for the cultural activities throughout the fair. The flamboyant culture of Rajasthan comes alive within the sort of folklores, music and dance performances besides the entrancing turbans of the men.

Cultural shows, exhibitions and even-toed ungulate competition add the fun at the Pushkar truthful. Performers exhibit the huge and brilliant culture of Rajasthan. Be it the hearth dancers or the people singers, all have their own attractiveness that leaves the audience entranced.

Handicrafts and culinary art

Pushkar Fair is among the foremost far-famed festivals of Rajasthan that attracts tourists from everywhere the world. colourful handicrafts and lip-smacking culinary art are among the most attractions of the truthful. Browse the varied stalls at the fair for a large type of handicrafts and delicious ancient dishes of Rajasthan.